The Global Retailers website is designed to inform and answer questions a prospective investor or franchisee may have about investing. The videos at the bottom of this page explain the DECORADOR® Model and its $2 Billion Vision for the emerging markets. Enjoy your trip through DECORADOR®!


Global Retailers is presently developing the DECORADOR® brand which is headquartered in Warsaw, Poland.  DECORADOR® is a low-cost, highly-differentiated and multi-channel home furnishing and home décor retailer designed for the emerging markets. DECORADOR® offers a unique Selection of home products and services, a Savings of the Client’s time and money and Service, above and beyond. Selection, Savings and Service captured market share overnight in Poland.

The DECORADOR® Reboot in Poland has opened the door for a new round of ‘qualified’ investors. $5,000,000 invested in the Poland Reboot is the foundation for building the $2 Billion Brand roll-out in the emerging markets of the Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) and Middle East and North Africa (MENA) regions. Investors may watch the videos on the bottom of this page and learn more about DECORADOR'S $2 Billion Brand Vision for these markets.

Once profitability is attained with

e-commerce, the In-Home Sales & Services™ (IHSS) channel and a small network of stores in Poland, the Brand will complete an initial public offering (IPO) on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE). The Poland IPO will be the first of three planned exit strategies for early investors.  Over 150 company and franchised stores will be opened throughout Poland over five years.

Poland is an ideal launch country for DECORADOR!  It’s the only EU country which produced a positive GDP throughout the global financial crisis. AT Kearney has also named Poland, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Iran; all targeted DECORADOR markets, as four of the ‘TEN Locomotives’ of the new world economy. Global Retailers’ long-term vision is to roll-out DECORADOR stores throughout Poland, Turkey and Russia. The Franchise System™ will be marketed to local investors in each respective country desiring to open franchised stores in cities under 250,000 inhabitants.

DECORADOR in Poland is an enormous pre-IPO investment opportunity with high-return potential and mitigated risk for “qualified” investors.  DECORADOR had/has a proven ‘diversified’ model, a low-cost infrastructure and an empowered organization; all which will be duplicated cheaply and quickly once capital is available. A $5,000,000 investment in Poland is the foundation for building a $2 Billion high-tech home décor brand for the emerging markets of the CEE and MENA regions. A new round of investors is being accepted.  Reap the low-hanging fruit of the emerging markets now by requesting a prospectus by contacting Bill W. Bussey at 757-472-2088 or by emailing

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